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Onyx has been produced in our region for years. We began this job in 1974 while we were at the age of learning art. We have worked in many parts of this job for years.Later, in 1986 we served for this job in a small workshop for 5 years by founding our own workshop.

In 1991, while many factories was closed because of the crisis in tousism, we continued to work without being intimitated and at the end of 1991 we decided to set up our own shop by stocking the goods we had.

We founded a shop in that year's condition with onyx, silver, and semi-precious stone while we were setting up it. After that we continuelly intensified on searchs and improvement for years.

Now, we have made the shop inevitable by manufacturing and selling various gold, silver, semi-precious stones, onyx and meerschaum in our region.

We present good service with our workers knowing foreign language and qualified to the local and foreign tourists that come to region.
Özler Centre Artisanal
Uçhisar-Göreme yolu üzeri Uçhisar / Nevşehir / Türkiye
• Tel: +90 384 219 2026 • Fax: +90 384 219 2322
E-mail: info@ozleronyx.com URL: http://www.ozleronyx.com