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Pipe is hand-carved from the finest quality genuine block Meerschaum, exracted from mines in Eskisehir, Turkey. These pipes which, when broken in, gradualiy attain an attrractive rich brown tone, are made from extremely porous blocks and provide for excellent, nicotine-filtered smoking.

Make sure your pipe is a genuine block Meershaum Pipes! Imitations are made in pressed Meerschaum, plaster of Paris and other preparations.

Caution: All Meerschaum articles are delicate-please do not strike your Meerschaum pipe to shake off ashes! To clean and polish your pipe use cotton cloth moistened with pure alcohol. Treat very gently the screw between pipe and stem.

What is meercshaum?
"Meerschaum" is a German word describing a soft mineral, which literally means "sea foam" it is of an opaque white or cr'am color and when first extracted is soft easily marked, butit hardens on exporuse to the sun or when dried in a warm room.

Most of the Meerschaum for commercial use is obtained from Asia Minor, chiefly from the plains of Eskisehir, Turkey, where it occurs in small rounded lumps, in aluvial deposits which are extensively worked for its extraction. The extracted lumps are first scraped then dried, again scraped and then polished with wax. The rudely shaped Meerschaum is then taken into workshops in Eskisehir, where is skilfully carved by hand into beautiful pipes, or turned and carved into cigarette and cigar holders and articles of adornment.

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